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We specialise in locating and securing lost refunds for our clients, which can be a challenging process, especially if you don't know where to look or how to navigate the system. With Brown Refund Specialist, you don't have to worry about a thing. Our team of experts handles everything for you, from tracking down your lost funds to filing all necessary paperwork on your behalf. Our goal is to make the process as stress-free and streamlined as possible. Located in Queensland, Australia. We are an Australian-based consultancy agency, offering our services to our clients wanting to claim their refund.

Refund Process

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Initial Contact

Welcome to Brown Refund Specialist! Our first step is to initiate contact with our clients to verify we are contacting the correct person about their specific claim(s) and remove the hassle to help our clients have a smooth refund process.


Verification Process

Our team works closely with government agencies and banks holding your unclaimed money to ensure that you receive your refund as quickly as possible. As part of our process, we verify your details to ensure that your refund is delivered to the right person. 



The refund process typically takes 28-31 days after your refund claim has been submitted. We will keep you updated throughout the process and work with you to make sure everything is in order and all necessary information has been provided to respective holding agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money is the money that becomes lost when you move house and forget to update your details. Bank accounts become unclaimed after 7 years if the account is inactive and policies become unclaimed 7 years after the policy matures and is not claimed. Unfortunately, it can be a lengthy and complicated process to reclaim it on your own. That’s where Brown Refund Specialist comes in. We have the experience and knowledge to help our clients navigate through the refund process and claim their hard-earned money.

How do you know if Brown Refund Specialist isn’t a scam?

Brown Refund Specialist ABN 42 107 923 657 is an Australian business registered in Queensland, which you may independently check with the Australian Business Register ABN Lookup tool.  We pride ourselves on being a small business that is honest with our services and clients.


We only work within Australia and pay government verified databases to access clientele information. Please read our privacy policy regarding data usage

Why have BRS contacted me and how do I know if I can claim?

BRS has done extensive research to solidify you as the linked name or address to this unclaimed money. You may be the rightful owner, and it is our due diligence to contact you to verify your current information to lodge on your behalf to the respective government agencies, if you use our services.

What is a Refund Specialist and what services do they provide?

To lodge a successful claim on behalf of you as our client, all we need is for you to provide proof of identity, proof of connection to the asset (Company), or proof of a connection to the registered address associated with the Refund. We then contact the agency holding the money and request it back to you.

Why use our services?

BRS makes the process simple by dealing with various state and federal agencies, various custodians, and companies to access your assets and release them back to you.

BRS Fee Calculator

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